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LILYGO T-TWR PLUS Development Board Walkie-Talkie Module H632 (UHF 400-480MHz)


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T-TWR Plus is the ultimate development board for ambitious tech-enthusiasts. With integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and a SA868 Wireless Transceiver, this board can achieve Walkie-Talkie functionality. It also includes an OLED Display and GPS for precise location tracking. Unleash the potential of T-TWR Plus.

***This product does not include the battery.***
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Flash 16MB
Wireless protocol Wi-Fi & Bluetooth 5 (LE)
Onboard functions 4 Buttons (PPT+Boot + PWR + Reset),
PMU AXP2102, TF Card function, WS2812 RGB LED
Supply Mode USB / 21700 battery / 18650 battery + spring
L76K GNSS Module  upport GPS, BDS, GLONASS
Built-in LNA, SAW Filter, Support AGNSS and 1PPS
 1.3 inch SH1106 OLED
Resolution 128x 64
I2C Interface SDA--IO08 SCL--IO09
Display Color  2


Sample Code For Reference [Github]

T-TWR Plus

Pin Diagram

Dev board return policy

Development boards are specialty items that generally cannot be resold on return, especially if the firmware has been flashed. Defective boards can be replaced or returned for refund within 30 days of purchase. Non-defective boards can be returned in the same time frame if in like-new condition with a 20 percent restocking fee applied. If the board has had altered firmware or became bricked due to a non-standard firmware flash, the board may not be eligible for return.

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