RAK Amazon Sidewalk Starter Kit US 915 Mhz 116091


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Amazon Sidewalk
 is a private, secure, always-on community network designed to connect billions of devices. It leverages long-range, low-bandwidth connectivity, offering the potential for battery-saving benefits without the costs associated with cellular data or the limited range of Wi-Fi. Amazon Sidewalk is designed to help Ring cameras send motion notifications even when they’re offline and allow Level smart locks to connect to the internet without the need for battery-sapping Wi-Fi radios.

The RAK Amazon Sidewalk Starter Kit is based on the RAK4630 module, and is designed to enable brands to build devices compatible with Amazon Sidewalk. We have obtained the complete chain of qualification, including SDK, manufacturing, and cloud backend. This means that we can provide a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to leverage the benefits of Amazon Sidewalk in their IoT devices.

For easier usage, the kit uses WisBlock modules, which allows one to simply use the device without the requirement to build a prototype board. WisBlock modules are just plugged together and provide USB connection and multiple options to power the device. The Quick Start Guide in our Documentation Center will enable you to quickly and easily test a RAK4630 based device with Amazon Sidewalk, including the visualization of sensor data in AWS.

Additional requirements:

  • To use the Amazon Sidewalk Starter Kit, an AWS account is required.
  • To connect the device to the Sidewalk network, an Amazon Sidewalk compatible device is required. You can find a list of applicable devices in the Amazon Sidewalk Documentation.


Amazon Sidewalk is only available in selected areas in the USA and testing, or usage of a Sidewalk device is possible only in the USA! Check the coverage map at https://coverage.sidewalk.amazon .


  • RAK4631 WisBlock Core module is based on RAK4630 stamp module
  • RAK19007 WisBlock Base Board with 4 sensor slots and 1 IO slot
  • RAK1901 temperature and humidity sensor
  • RAKDAP1 DAPlink adapter to flash firmware on the RAK4631(H)
  • USB Type-C cable
  • LoRa and BLE antenna


Quick Start Guide

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