RAKBox-B5 Transparent Acrylic Enclosure PID: 910010

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  • The enclosure is made of transparent acrylic material and has an open design. While protecting the PCB, it is convenient to assemble and stack according to the actual needs. It supports most of the WisBlock modules and achieves good compatibility.

    Mechanical Characteristics

    • Dimensions W x L x H: 105mm x 75mm x 30mm
    • Weight: approximately 4.23oz (120g)
    • Material thickness: 3mm (Cover); 5mm (Base) 

    Board Support

    Support the WisBlock form factor board, the detailed matched WisBlock modules include the following:

    • WisBlock Base RAK19007
    • WisBlock Core RAK4631
    • WisBlock Wireless RAK2305
    • WisBlock Wireless RAK5860
    • WisBlock Sensor RAK1901
    • WisBlock Sensor RAK1902
    • WisBlock Sensor RAK1904
    • WisBlock Sensor RAK1906
    • WisBlock Sensor RAK1910
    • WisBlock Interface RAK5801
    • WisBlock Interface RAK5802
    • WisBlock Interface RAK5811
    • WisBlock Interface RAK5804
    • WisBlock Interface RAK1920
    • WisBlock Display RAK1921 

    Package Inclusion

    • Enclosure
    • Battery holder
    • Assembly screws and standoffs


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