Replacement DC 12v Wall Power Supply for Alfa R36/R36A

This is a replacement wall power supply for the Alfa R36 or R36A models. It is compatible with both the standalone version and the versions shipped with the Alfa Wi-Fi Camp Pro and Camp Pro 2 kits. The picture may vary from your OEM power supply as Alfa has changed adapter designs over the years. However the connectors, voltage, and amp are all correct fit for your Alfa R36/R36A.

This connects to the R36 router on one end, and has a standard 2-prong plug at the other end for a wall outlet.

Providing maximum portability for your R36 router, you can now supply full power to your R36 from any car charger port commonly found in cars, boats, and RVs.

This is designed for 1A, 12V DC output. Do not overload. Do not use near water. Do not attempt repairs. Do not take apart, open, or modify the charger. Serious injury, electric shock, or fire could occur. When adapter is in operation, do not touch the metallic contact.