Alfa WiFi Camp Pro/R36A Connection Problems 101: Making sure your WiFi password is correct

April 25, 2019

We've all been there. "Yes, the password is correct, I KNOW IT, I have only been entering it for the last five years....oh wait, whoops."

Our tech team tracks solutions for customer support calls, and believe it or not, an incorrect network password is the #2 reason for calls and emails. If you are setting up your Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2 or R36A router at home, you get a good strong signal to your home network, but EVERYTIME you go through setup it completes and shows a disconnected status, it may be time to double-check your password.

Fortunately this is very easy to do if you have a Windows 10 PC. 
First, remove any Ethernet cable going between your computer and the Camp Pro 2 or R36A router. Then connect your Windows 10 PC Wi-Fi to your home network. Once you are connected, follow these steps (with screenshots) from our friends at Plannerwire to see on the screen what your network password is. This can be helpful in remembering if there are any capital letters in your password (WiFi passwords are case sensitive), if that round character is a zero or an O, if that's an l or a 1, or if those people who installed your new router simply wrote it down wrong. Click this link to see instructions:



Don said:

My R36A router constantly stops broadcasting the signal and my WiFi drops connection on computer, tablets and gaming consoles. The RV Park routers are still broadcasting and I can get a weak signal.

I need to figure out if my R36A router is bad or the tube Antenna. Please help me get this resolved. Thank you


Karri said:

I am trying to install wifi camp pro 2. AFter entering admin password I get USB device not found and can not continue. Everything is plugged in correctly USB from antenna to router box is plugged in. said:

We are sorry to hear you are receiving a USB device not found error. Just to double check, have you tried unplugging and fully reseating both ends of the USB cable running between your router and the antenna?


mark said:

we just moved to a different campsite and when i try to get on the internet i get asked to enter the network security key because some of the information has changed. where do i find the network security key for Wificampro2?
thanks said:

Hi Mark,

You will need to enter the password that you created for the Camp Pro 2. That is your network security key.

If you cannot remember it you may perform a factory reset. We do a factory reset by taking a paperclip or ball point pen and then finding the “RESET” hole on the bottom side of the silver R36A router in your kit. Once you find the reset hole we are going to press and hold for 10 seconds. This will factory reset the R36A. Give the R36A about 2 minutes to reboot and then proceed to connect and go through the easy setup process again.

You may watch the video on how to perform a reset here:

Evan whalen

Evan whalen said:

I am getting a usb not found message and I know it’s plugged in because antenna LED lights up. Do I have a bad router? said:

Hi Evan,

Try disconnecting then re-connecting the USB cable both at the R36A router and at the Tube. If this still results in the “USB not found” message you should consider replacing the USB cable.


Robert said:

Hi, I’ve neen using the R36A for a few years and lately its been dropping connection and needing reset back to factory settings weekly. Getting frustrated because now its getting stuck on the “The WiFi authentication failed, please try again…” when trying to use it as a hotspot. I’m using the correct passwords, I’ve set this up hundreds of times. Is it me or is this ALFA Router just getting tired?

Rokland LLC

Rokland LLC said:

Hi Robert, we don’t regularly monitor blog comments for support replies. Please visit our support page if you have not already done so for support contact details. Generally the WiFi authentication failed message means it is the wrong password for the campground network or network you are extending.

Gaëtan Lafleur

Gaëtan Lafleur said:

Our phones are connecting directly to the closest tower in the campground with no issues. Trying to connect to the same tower with the camp pro but it not being scanned or picked up. The other towers scanned do not provide a proper strength signal. Any advise as to how to pick up the same tower as our phone?

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