April 20, 2018

Now available: Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2

We are excited to announce the long awaited second version of the Alfa Wi-Fi Camp Pro kit series is available. Get your Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2 now.

Rokland Technologies is your Alfa WiFi Camp Pro headquarters. Check out our first look video which demonstrates how to set up the hardware and how to configure the software.

Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2 is a special kit shipping in one retail box that is designed to pick up a weak Wi-Fi signal and repeat it as your own personal hotspot inside your RV, home, or building. This is ideal for use on boats, RVs and campers, or larger properties.

Rokland Technologies is an authorized Alfa distributor and retailer. Whether you need technical support out of box, at a campground, or need warranty assistance down the road, we are here to help by phone or email. In the Gainesville area? Stop by and say hello to our staff.

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April 16, 2018

Using Alfa AWUS036H on Windows 10

Note that we do not advertise or promote the use of AWUS036H on Windows 10. We have better and faster options available for purchase such as the newer AWUS036NH and AWUS036ACH.

But if you already own an AWUS036H and find yourself wanting to use it on Windows 10, here is a quick way how to do it.

The last driver made for this item was December of 2009 for Windows 7. The installer package for Windows 7 does not work on Windows 8 or 10, it just says "incompatible operating system" when you try and run it. So you need to run it in Windows 7 compatibility mode.

Step 1: Download Win7 driver (

Step 2: Open the downloaded zip file and extract the contents to a place on your computer you can find.

Step 3: Navigate to where you extracted the contents. Right-click the Setup.exe program and select Properties. Click the Compatibility tab and under Compatibility mode choose "Windows 7" and make sure the "Run this program in compatibility mode" is checked. Then click Apply and exit the Properties window. This should bypass the compatibility error.

Step 4: Run the Setup.exe program in full and restart the PC when done.Connect your AWUS036H to the PC and use as normal.

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April 10, 2018

New Driver for Alfa AWUS1900 802.11ac USB adapter (also for AWUS036AC and AWUS036ACH)

In December 2017, Realtek released driver version 1030.25.701.2017 for Alfa AWUS1900 for Windows 10. It was released in a Windows Update package so many of you may already be on this new driver if you have run Windows Update recently.

If you have not, then you can now download it here. Once downloaded, open it and run the Setup.exe program inside.

Upon completion, you can check your Device Manager properties for this device (go to Device Manager > Network Adapters > right click this adapter and select Properties, then go to Driver tab) and make sure the driver date now shows 12/25/2017.

Adapters compatible with above driver update:

Alfa AWUS1900
Alfa AWUS036AC

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November 17, 2017

A Special Message About Our Redesign

It has been seven years since our last web site makeover. We loved our last design, and felt it withstood the test of time, but it lacked some important functionality.

At Rokland we never make changes just for the sake of it, there is always a good purpose. We know our visitors have become used to navigating our site, and the new design may throw some people off at first glance. Where did the categories section go, for example?...

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November 17, 2017

New product: Alfa AjoinT2 Data Connection Cable for Microsoft Surface Pro 2, 3, 4, Windows Tablets & Laptops

Alfa AjoinT2 is a versatile USB male to USB male data connection and docking cable for Microsoft Surface, Microsoft Surface Pro, and other Microsoft Windows laptops, desktops and tablets.

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November 09, 2017

New product: Alfa AWUS036ACS 802.11ac high speed dual band Wi-Fi USB Adapter

Now available for immediate purchase, Alfa AWUS036ACS combines high speed 802.11ac technology with an RP-SMA external antenna port at one low cost. It is a 600 Mbps Wi-Fi USB adapter compatible with Windows XP through Windows 10. It features a small profile with external RP-SMA antenna port and one dual-band mini detachable antenna.

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October 24, 2017

Security Alert: KRACK Attack Puts Wi-Fi Connections at Risk

If you use a Wi-Fi router for any reason, and most of you do, this news update is very important.

A serious new vulnerability called KRACK (Key Reinstallation Attacks) was announced recently, likely impacting anyone who uses Wi-Fi. All Wi-Fi connection points and devices could be vulnerable—your local coffee shop, home, or workplace connection.

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September 21, 2017

Support for Hurricane Irma and Maria

These last weeks have brought devastation to South Florida and Puerto Rico. All of Puerto Rico remains without power and Internet. We thank those that are providing vital relief services.

In the coming weeks as these areas rebuild, in addition to donating funds, our team at Rokland would like to make our time available to the customers of our friends in South Florida and Puerto Rico.

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August 02, 2017

The Gadgeteer on Alfa AWUS1900: Light weight but powerful

The review is in- The Gadgeteer, a popular online gadget and tech site, has taken a first hand look at the Alfa AWUS1900 quad-antenna 802.11ac AC1900 Wi-Fi USB adapter, and you can read all of their comments here.

Since launching earlier this year, the Alfa AWUS1900 has turned heads with its unique look, and its unique place in the market as a low cost USB AC1900 upgrade. If you own an 802.11ac router, especially one with three or four antennas, in addition to getting better range, the AWUS1900 will also give you improved bandwidth capabilities back to your network compared to an internal Wi-Fi card built inside a laptop or desktop.


Alfa AWUS1900 File Transfer Test

We transferred a 1.69 GB file to a network storage devices both with Alfa AWUS1900 and with a conventional 802.11n Wi-Fi card inside our laptop using a Tenda AC1900 router. With the laptop card, it took 350 seconds. The same transfer with the Alfa AWUS1900 took just 70 seconds. That went 5 times faster with the Alfa AWUS1900.

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July 12, 2017

New Alfa Wi-Fi Camp Pro Kit firmware available

We have new firmware for the Alfa Wi-Fi Camp Pro, designed to help increase speed to specific model routers. Upgrading is recommended for anyone experiencing slower than desired throughput speeds.

To download the firmware file, click here. Please note this is not an executable file, so do not attempt to open in or launch it as a program after downloading like you would an application. Instead, watch this video guide showing you how to update firmware on the Alfa R36 console.

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June 28, 2017

July 4th Weeekend Special: Quad antenna 802.11ac Wi-Fi router just $49.97

Deal alert: Get Alfa's AC1200R 802.11ac Wi-Fi router for the low price of just $49.97 with free shipping.

AC1200R from Alfa Network, Inc. is a premium high-end 1200 Mbps 802.11ac Wi-Fi router featuring four high gain dual band RP-SMA antennas.

With four integrated gigabit LAN ports, you can easily connect SmartTVs, game consoles, or additional computers by cable or existing powerline Ethernet bridge systems.

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June 22, 2017

New product: Alfa AWUS036ACM 802.11ac dual band Wi-Fi USB adapter

Now in stock is Alfa AWUS036ACM, a dual band, dual detachable antenna, 802.11ac Wi-Fi USB adapter. It is similar to Alfa AWUS036AC but has the Mediatek MT7621U chipset.

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June 14, 2017

Directional antenna choices for Alfa WiFi Camp Pro kit

Alfa’s WiFi Camp Pro kit has taken over as our number one selling Alfa Network product this summer. People often ask us about directional antenna options for this kit. It comes with an omni directional antenna, and many of our buyers also want to get a directional antenna for those times when they need an extra boost (click here to read about directional vs. omni directional antennas).

Our 10 dBi directional panel antenna is one excellent option. It’s light weight and low profile make it a great choice for use with the Camp Pro kit. It’s antenna connector is located on the bottom side of the antenna (instead of the rear side like most panel antennas) meaning you can easily connect it directly to the Tube receiver of the Camp Pro kit without needing any type of L-connector to change orientation.

Another great choice is our 16 dBi Yagi antenna. This will get you the most distance in any direction and is also the most bang for your buck in terms of gain. It has an RP-SMA connector, so you will need this barrel converter here in order to connect it to the Camp Pro Tube.

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May 11, 2017

Alfa AWUS036ACH packet injection now supported in Kali 2017.1 release

Kali Linux recently announced that packet injection is now supported in release 2017.1 for the Realtek RTL8812AU 802.11ac chipset, which is found in Alfa USB Wi-Fi models AWUS036ACH, AWUS036AC, and AWUS036EAC. According to their web site:

"A while back, we received a feature request asking for the inclusion of drivers for RTL8812AU wireless chipsets. These drivers are not part of the standard Linux kernel, and have been modified to allow for injection. Why is this a big deal? This chipset supports 802.11 AC, making this one of the first drivers to bring injection-related wireless attacks to this standard, and with companies such as ALFA making the AWUS036ACH wireless cards, we expect this card to be an arsenal favourite."

This announcement is extremely awesome in that it makes these products the first 802.11ac USB products capable of injecting in Kali Linux. Pick up yours today for a low price. Need Linux technical support? Visit our support page for details on what type of help our company can provide for Linux users.

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May 05, 2017

Introducing $10.00 guaranteed 1-2 business day shipping service to Florida/Georgia

Small package orders (0-10 lbs) can now arrive to our Florida & Georgia customers in just 1-2 business days guaranteed with our new $10.00 flat rate Florida/Georgia 1-2 Day Guaranteed service. This is only valid for street addresses in Florida and Georgia, and cannot be used with PO Boxes. PO Box orders will have other shipping choices.

How it works

Qualifying orders will see the $10.00 flat rate option during checkout when choosing a shipping choice. As always, all of our items ship for free with our default economy shipping option. But for buyers in Florida and Georgia who wish to receive shipments in 1-2 business days, this $10.00 flat option will be an available upgrade.

Cutoff time

Orders must be placed by 12 noon EST to be guaranteed to ship out the same day. If you need your order by Wednesday, place it before 12 noon EST Monday. Orders placed Monday afternoon may not ship until Tuesday and then would be guaranteed to arrive by Thursday.

Will it arrive in 1 or 2 days?

Our warehouse is located in Gainesville, FL. Orders shipping to all of north, central, and south Florida, and south Georgia, will arrive in one business day. Orders shipping to the panhandle and also central and north Georgia will arrive in two business days. See this map for guidance.

What exactly is the "guarantee"?

The guarantee is that UPS will make a delivery attempt within 1-2 business days after the date of shipment. Orders must be placed by our 12 noon EST cutoff to ship out the same day. Orders that qualify for the guarantee and the delivery attempt is not made will have the $10.00 shipping charge refunded.

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January 31, 2017

Security in an insecure world: what is a VPN service, and which one is best?

Here is a question our techs often get asked:

If I connect to a Wi-Fi network that does not have a password, is there any way to still ensure my connection is secure?

If this already sounds like Greek to you, what we are talking about is connecting your computer or tablet to a Wi-Fi network in a public place. Some places like hotels may have a password or encryption key for you to gain secure access to their network. Other places, like many RV parks, have "open" networks. These networks are not encrypted or password protected. When joining them, in Windows 8 and 10 you may even get a warning message telling you that data you send over the connection could be accessed by others.

If you want to have extra protection on both secured and open networks, the best way to do this is with a VPN service.

But there are so many available (some pay, some free), how do you know which one is best? Check out this PC Magazine article which goes into more detail about what VPN services do, and which one may be the best for your needs.

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January 24, 2017

DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter Drone tutorial DIY Antenna Modification

Our friend Richard Sisco has put together a video tutorial showing a do-it-yourself antenna modification process for the DJI Phantom 3 Standard drone. He uses 1 APA-M25 and 2 APA-M04 Wi-Fi antennas from Alfa to complete the modification.

See the tutorial video here.

See the range test video here (completed from 14,180 feet).

The first video has a link to the specific Alfa antennas sold by Rokland needed for the modification, as well as other parts you will need.

Update 6/15/17: We now have all three antennas used in the mod, plus all three pigtails needed, available in one special discounted package here.

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January 20, 2017

New product: Alfa AWUS1900 quad-antenna 802.11ac dual band Wi-Fi adapter

Years ago, city engineers figured out two lanes of traffic were better than one. Then they figured our four lanes were better than two. The same revolution is happening in the Wi-Fi industry with new quad antenna 802.11ac Wi-Fi equipment boasting router connection speeds of up to 1900 Mbps.

At the head of the pack is Alfa’s newly released AWUS1900, a four-antenna USB Wi-Fi receiver compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, 8/8.1, and Windows 10. This connects to your computers USB port with enclosed USB 3.0 cable and boosts the Wi-Fi performance of that specific PC. This is not a router or repeater.

We completed a test here where we transferred a file of 1.69 Gbps from our router’s storage device (Tenda AC1900 router). We then attempted to transfer this file to the same computer on the network, two different ways. First via the laptop’s built-in Wi-Fi card, a standard 802.11n card capable of 300 mbps max transfer. The file took 350 seconds to transfer to the computer.

We then deleted the file and connected the same laptop to the Tenda router with this Alfa AWUS1900 802.11ac USB adapter, and achieved an actual connection rate to the router of 1.3 Gbps (that’s gigabits per second!). The transfer time from the network storage drive was just 70 seconds. That went 5 times faster with the Alfa AWUS1900.

Buy it now at

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January 06, 2017

Single band vs. dual band Wi-Fi adapters

A question we often get is should one go with a single band or dual band Wi-Fi receiver? It would seem logical to always go dual band, this way you can connect to both 2.4 and 5 GHz networks. This is not always the case.

2.4 GHz networks have been the most common type of network in the USA for more than ten years. In the last five years, dual band Wi-Fi routers have become more popular, even more so in the last 2 years with the introduction of 802.11ac routers that use both bands. The 5 Ghz band is a shorter range band but is less crowded and generally offers better throughput. The signal to which you are connecting has to be 5 Ghz though for the dual band adapter to connect on that band.

The FCC has more stringent power limits on 5 Ghz capable radios vs. 2.4 Ghz-only radios. Hence, single band adapters can have more power than even the highest powered dual band devices.

As we enter 2017, if you travel often, you will find there is virtually no place that does not offer a 2.4 Ghz signal, but 5 Ghz signals are usually only found in residential broadband modems and routers. Even public places that do offer 5 GHz capability will generally always offer a 2.4 GHz connection as well.

Therefore, if your goal is to be able to detect signals from the greatest distance when travelling, a 2.4 GHz high powered long range Wi-Fi receiver like Alfa AWUS036NH will be the best option. If you want to pick up from further away than your laptop’s stock card but do want to have 5 Ghz capability for home use also, Alfa AWUS036ACH is our highest powered dual band product.

Or, if you want to be covered for all situations, get both. With our low prices, you can get both items today for under $75.00 with free US shipping.

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January 02, 2017

Florida sales tax increase in effect 1/1/2017

Happy new year to all of our friends and customers. This past November, Alachua County, Florida voters passed a 0.5% infrastructure sales surtax, making the effective sales tax rate for businesses operating in this county 6.5%. This increase went into effect on January 1, 2017.

Sales tax is only applicable to orders being shipped to the state of Florida where we are located. Buyers in the other 49 states are not subject to sales tax. Tax is automatically added to applicable orders during the checkout process and cannot be waived by Rokland staff.

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October 25, 2016

Gift cards are here!

Need the perfect give for the RVer, boater, or computer enthusiast in your life? A gift card is the perfect choice. Don't pick the same tired gift card choices off the display in the drugstore, get them something that shows you really put some thought into it, and something you know they will love.

Click here to order a gift card. Gift card codes are sent by email- simply send the code to the person you are gifting. We don't charge any fees- you pay $25.00 and your recipient gets a full $25.00 to spend on anything in our store.

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October 12, 2016

New product: Alfa AOA-2409N outdoor omnidirectional 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi antenna w/ mount

Now available for immediate shipping, Alfa AOA-2409N, a 9 dBi gain outdoor fiberglass Wi-Fi antenna with special heavy duty marine mounting bracket.

Alfa AOA-2409N vs. Alfa AOA-2409TF

Many of you are familiar with Alfa AOA-2409TF, our low cost 9 dBi outdoor antenna from Alfa, and will wonder about the difference. The antennas are almost identical, the key difference is AOA-2409N comes with a special heavy duty pole/PVC mounting bracket. This bracket is not backward compatible with AOA-2409TF because it requires that the connector stem of the antenna be longer in order to fit. Hence, AOA-2409N has a longer connector stem to fit the bracket.

AOA-2409TF is a great option for direct connection to an Alfa Tube USB adapter or Ubiquiti Bullet. AOA-2409N is a better solution when you need to mount the antenna separately.

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October 06, 2016

Hurricane Matthew: what you can do to help Florida businesses

The most dangerous Hurricane to hit the east coast of Florida in decades is approaching. Our company, Rokland Technologies, is located in Gainesville, FL. As of this posting it is unclear how much our area may be affected. But your interaction with Florida businesses will be impacted, and here is what you can do to help.

Why we are closing Friday

Our company and many other companies in Florida will be closed Friday October 7th. While it may seem like it is nice to have a day off, in fact many residents will be evacuating, while others will be concerned about family and friends. We have decided to close even if the storm is not as bad as expected in order to keep our employees off of local roads so emergency and utility vehicles have an easier time navigating. Because of office closures, you may be getting a voice mail box, or email replies may take some time. We understand this can be frustrating especially if there is a technical issue with your order or you need to place an urgent order. Your patience and understanding are appreciated.

Expect order status delays

When it comes to order status, this is understandably the big question many of you will have. Your order should have a tracking number attached to it. If your order was placed Thursday afternoon or later, it may not ship until Tuesday October 11th, because Post Offices are closed Monday for Columbus Day. You can cancel orders with us if they have not yet shipped. If your tracking number shows the item has not moved from a Florida location for several days, it is likely due to Post Office back log.

Please wait at least 10 days to report a package lost

If your package has not arrived within 10 days of mailing and tracking last shows it is in Florida, please contact us so we can file a claim and replace your package or refund your money.

Thank you for your consideration and we will do our best to resume normal customer service via phone and email as quickly as possible after the storm passes.

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October 04, 2016

Mac OS 10.12 Sierra Beta for Alfa AWUS036NHR, AWUS036ACH, and more

We have a beta version of Mac OS 10.12 Sierra drivers for the models AWUS036EAC, AWUS036AC, AWUS036ACH, AWUS036NHR, AWUS036NHV and U24N. This does NOT work with AWUS036NH. If you are upgrading from a previous version of Mac OS, be sure to uninstall any previous Alfa software before running the beta installer.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT BETA SOFTWARE: Publication of beta software does not mean that Rokland Technologies is advertising compatibility or offering technical support for the above products and Mac OS 10.12 Sierra. Please review product pages for what operating systems we advertise specific models as compatible with. Beta software may be buggy or incompatible with some Macs. Beta software is for existing owners of the above products and products should not be purchased for the sole purpose of using with Mac OS 10.12 Sierra since we cannot guarantee stability.

To use it, download the package and open it on your Mac and run the installer inside. Here is a PDF guide showing you how to connect to a network once installed.

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