August 01, 2012

Alfa R36 for AWUS036NH and AWUS036NHR now available

We now have Alfa R36 for AWUS036NH and AWUS036NHR in stock. This is the new version that does not support AWUS036H. We also carry the AWUS036H version here.

R36 is a unique WiFi router from Alfa Network, Inc. which allows you to share a WiFi connection from your AWUS036NH or AWUS036NHR WiFi USB adapter. It is the only router on the market that allows the input to be a USB WiFi adapter (the USB WiFi adapter must be Alfa brand, and must be one of the compatible models listed). Using its repeater mode, you can receive a long range WiFi signal on the R36 and share it with other WiFi enabled devices like tablets, game consoles, and other computers.

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July 29, 2012

WiFi WEP or WPA Password/Passkey Recovery for Windows 7

We have this issue hit our support box every now and then…you just received your new Wi-Fi USB adapter, but you don’t remember what your network encryption password/passkey is. Your internal Wi-Fi card saved the password to the computer, so you have not had been prompted to enter it in a long time. How to recover the password? Of course you could reset it at the router level, but this means you have to go through what may be complicated router login steps, and then of course you have to change the password on all your other devices in the house once reset.

If you have Windows 7, there’s a simple way to recover your password on a computer that’s already connected to your network:

  • Click the Start logo and go to ‘Control Panel’
  • Click on ‘Network and Internet’ and then open the ‘Network and Sharing Center’ (if you have small or large icon view, you will be able to open the Network and Sharing Center directly from the Control Panel)
  • On the left, click ‘Change Adapter Settings’
  • Make sure you are connected to the Wi-Fi network, then locate the icon for your internal wireless card, click once to highlight, then right-click and select ‘Status’
  • Half way down the Status window click the ‘Wireless Properties’ button
  • In the window that opens, click the ‘Security’ tab
  • Check the ‘show characters’ box, and look above in the ‘Network Security’ field for your password or passkey

That’s it. You’ve recovered your network key.

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June 16, 2012

Outdoor Wi-Fi Equipment

Rokland is your headquarters for outdoor Wi-Fi receivers and antennas. Whether you have a boat, an RV, or are looking for long range coverage over land, we have a solution for you. We carry a wide array of high powered outdoor Alfa USB adapters, cables, and of course outdoor antennas. If you are looking for a mobile item to take with you on a plane ride, see some of our portable options here.

Omni-drectional antenna solutions: Our 8 dBi and 15 dBi gain outdoor omni-directional antennas are both great options for any outdoor need. They concentrate gain in a 360 degree horizontal pattern and are ideal for picking up signals in any direction. Mobile craft like boats and RVs are ideal places for mounting an omni-directional antenna.

Directional antenna solutions: Our 10 dBi panel and 16 dBi yagi outdoor directional antennas concentrate gain all in the direction they are aimed. This helps penetrate obstacles and interference in that direction. While directional antennas can be used on boats and RVs, they are ideal for fixed location mounting. An example would be attempting to cover the long distance between a main building and an out building. The directional antenna can be mounted outside the out building and aimed toward the signal broadcasting from the main building.

Outdoor receivers and all-in-one solutions: Alfa Network Inc. makes a great outdoor Wi-Fi receiver series called Tube-U. With 802.11g and 802.11n models, the Tube-U line has an N-male connector and can be connected to any outdoor Wi-Fi antenna with an N-female connector. We have special kits which give you a Tube-U receiver and an 8 dBi omni or 10 dBi directional panel antenna.

Antenna extension cables: In most cases you will need an extension cable to run between your indoor Wi-Fi receiver like Alfa AWUS036H and your outdoor antenna. We carry antenna extension cables of different length and with different connector types. We also have pigtails and connectors. See our Cables & Pigtails section or contact us by visiting our Support page if you need assistance choosing the right cable or antenna.

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May 14, 2012

New- visit our Wholesale section and save!

Now you can get quantity discounts on our most popular products. Our new wholesale section will be expanding each week to include more 5, 10, and 20 pack offerings of our most popular items.

Right now you can save over $40.00 off retail price for 10 packs of bestsellers like Alfa AWUS036H 1000mW long range USB adapter, and Alfa's 802.11n model AWUS036NH 2000mW USB adapter.

If you are looking for a quantity discount on an item or lot size you do not see in our wholesale section, contact us via our Support page up top and we can help!

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May 08, 2012

Now available- 3m and 9m RP-SMA antenna extension cables

We have expanded our line of antenna extension cables to include both shorter and longer options.

First up is our new 3 meter (10 feet) RP-SMA male to RP-SMA female cable. With LMR-200 equivalent shielding, it is perfect when you need just a little bit of extension.

Our second new addition is our 9m (30 feet) RP-SMA male to RP-SMA female cable, also with LMR-200 equivalent shielding. We do currently carry a 10m LMR-400 shielded cable, and definitely recommend that thicker shielding for lower gain antennas. Our 9m LMR-200 option is a great value for very high gain antennas. We also carry a 5m LMR-200 cable.

Remember, as the length of the cable gets longer, the actual signal gain from the antenna decreases. Our low loss shielded cables limit loss, but we always recommend getting as close as possible to the length you need to further minimize gain loss. If the distance you need is 11 feet, move your computer a foot if you can and go with our 3m (10 foot option) instead of a 5m or 9m option.

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March 22, 2012

This spring, take your Internet outdoors with big savings!

It's a situation we hear all too often- you'd love to take your laptop out on the patio, but your computer's Wi-Fi card can't pick up your signal from outside the house. 

Fix that today- get out of the living room and onto the deck with one of our many long range Wi-Fi solutions. Use coupon code outdoorwifi5 to save $5 off of your purchase $50 and up, or use coupon code outdoorwifi10 to save $10 off your purchase $100 and up. This offer is valid through Sunday March 25th, 2012. Coupon codes cannot be combined and this offer is only good on purchases where the subtotal price (excluding shipping) meets the aforestated minimum amounts. Limit one redemption per shipping address. Coupon codes are redeemable in the discount code box on the payment page of checkout.

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February 24, 2012

Alfa UBDo-nt8: 150 mbps outdoor Wi-Fi client + 12 dBi antenna

If you have been in the market for an outdoor weather resistant Wi-Fi client, the new UBDo-nt8 from Alfa Networks is an excellent choice. It features a 150 mbps 802.11n wireless receiver built into an outdoor weather resistant casing. It contains two mast-o ring mounting rings and a 8 meter (~24 feet) USB cable with a special dual-Y USB connection end that goes into your computer (features both a power/data connector and a secondary power-only connector so that you can use 2 USB ports on your computer to provide full power to the device without needing an external power source for it). Read more...

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February 07, 2012

Alfa AHPE305 200 mbps powerline bridges- very small form factor

New to Rokland is Alfa AHPE305. These 200 mbps powerline ethernet bridges offer fast throughput to your ISP, while leaving room for other devices to be plugged in at the outlet. Sleek and lightweight, AHPE305 is the perfect powerline bridge for home or travel.

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January 25, 2012

Rokland will be closed Friday, January 27th will be closed on Friday, January 27th, for a relocation. We will resume normal business hours on Monday, January 30th. Orders placed Thursday, January 26th, up to 5PM will be shipped out that day. Orders placed after this time will be shipped Monday. Phone technical support will not be available Friday through Monday. Please contact us via email for technical support assistance. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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January 05, 2012

Top 5 Alfa Network indoor USB Wi-Fi adapters

Need help deciding which Wi-Fi adapter to get? We make it easy with our new feature that ranks indoor Alfa Network Wi-Fi USB adapters by both range and speed. When you are buying an Alfa adapter, you really can't go wrong either way as all Alfa models get good range and speed. But our new rankings show you the ones that get the best overall range and the best overall speed so you can decide which will be the best for your needs.

Our range rankings were created based on a test of which adapter could see the most networks in total. Our speed rankings were created first based on which adapter had the fastest overall connection speed to the router. For those adapters that had the same maximum connection speed, we sorted those based on which had the fastest overall throughput speed to our ISP based on a throughput test. Because this can vary based on ISP and router model, we also averaged in feedback from customers about which model had the fastest througput.

We did not include outdoor models from Alfa, these rankings are just for indoor models.

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December 23, 2011

Holiday Hours of Operation

Rokland will be closed Monday, December 26th, and Monday, January 2nd, so that our employees may spend time with their families. UPS and the US Post Office will also be closed these days.

Technical support: our phone lines will be closed these days however email support will still be available.

Order shipment: We ship orders within one business day after they are placed. Please note that these days above are not considered business days as they are also government holidays. They are also not considered transit days, so a purchase made with UPS 2 Day Air shipping that would ship on Thursday, December 29th for example, would not arrive until Tuesday, January 3rd.

Happy holidays to all!

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December 14, 2011

Twelve Days of Savings at Rokland

Every day from December 13th through the 24th we will have different daily deals as part of our "Twelve Days of Christmas" promotion. To see what items are on sale on a given day, just click here.

Note the coupon code at the top of that page- to save on the items displayed you will need to enter that coupon code during checkout.

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December 01, 2011

Connection speed vs. throughput speed

One question we get via email quite often asks how come two different model Wi-Fi adapters with the same connection speed to the router (example: 150 mbps) have different Internet download speeds? It would seem if they both get a 150 mbps connection to the same router, and both have a 100% signal, that the data transfer rates should be identical.

This will not always be the case. Though they may be comparable, it is possible for one of the adapters to download or stream video faster with one particular router, but be slower with another. This type of speed is called 'througput speed' and this is the actual data transfer rate the adapter is getting to the Internet. Different Wi-Fi radios have different technology even though they may be the same standard (such as 802.11n). Therefore, while the connection speed to the router could be 150 mbps with both adapters, one may have a 25 mbps throughput speed to your ISP while the other may have 18 mbps. Transfers between the adapters and the router (such as a computer to computer file transfer) should be about the same with either device. But downloads from the Internet may be slower with one vs. the other.

So if both model Wi-Fi adapters you have get similar range, but model A gets faster throughput to your router than model B, does that mean you should toss model B? Not necessarily. Model A may be faster when connecting to your model router, but it could be slower when connecting to a different model router. An interesting experiment for those who have access to multiple adapters and routers is to do a througput speed test with each adapter to each of the different model routers and compare the rates. In some cases there may be a clear winner, while in other cases you may get a split decision.

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November 29, 2011

Alfa AWUS036NEH compatible with the Viewsonic VMP75

If you are an owner of the ViewSonic® NexTV® VMP75 Full HD 1080p network media player, you might be happy to know you can increase the range of your Wi-Fi connection with the AWUS036NEH long range wireless USB adapter from Alfa Network.

Alfa's AWUS036NEH is a sleek yet compact 802.11n Wi-Fi USB adapter with an external RP-SMA antenna port. You can use it with the included 5 dBi gain antenna, or upgrade the antenna should you require even longer range. Note the above images are not to scale with each other, the AWUS036NEH is smaller in size vs. the VMP75.

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November 21, 2011

Now available- Alfa R36 USB-enabled Wi-Fi router for use with AWUS036H

This may just be the coolest product ever made by Alfa Network. Have you ever wanted to pick up a Wi-Fi signal from far away? Well of course, who hasn't. And Alfa has their AWUS036H 1000mW USB adapter for that very purpose. But have you ever wanted to have all of your Wi-Fi capable devices- like your iPhone, iPad, wireless printer, TiVo DVR, and laptop- all connect to a Wi-Fi signal far away? Perhaps you're living in an off-campus apartment and you already own an AWUS036H from Alfa. That lets your laptop easily pick up the campus Wi-Fi network, but it doesn't do any good for those other devices, putting you in quite a fix.

Exit fix, enter R36. The R36 is a new USB-enabled wireless router from Alfa Network, Inc. that allows you to attach your AWUS036H Wi-Fi adapter from Alfa directly to the router itself. Then you can scan for and connect to far-away networks using the admin utility built into the R36. This creates a new local Wi-Fi signal right in your room so all of your Wi-Fi capable devices can pick it up. Think of the R36 as a normal Wi-Fi router, but instead of using a cable or broadband DSL modem as the Internet source, it uses the Wi-Fi signal detected by the AWUS036H as the Internet signal. The R36 then repeats this signal around you as a new signal. The base package does not include an AWUS036H Wi-Fi receiver, but we do have this special kit that includes both.

Alfa's R36 can also be used with Alfa receiver models AWUS036EW and Tube-U(G).

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November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving Holiday Shipping Schedule

Happy Thanksgiving! Rokland will be closed on Thursday, November 24, so that our employees can spend time with their families.

As we ship orders in one business day, orders placed on Wednesday, November 23, and Thanksgiving Day, will be shipped out on Friday, November 25.

Our customer service department will also be closed on Thanksgiving Day (for both phone and email support) but will experience normal operating hours on the 23rd and 25th. We hope all of you enjoy a safe and relaxing holiday.

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November 11, 2011

Our 802.11n Wi-Fi USB adapter for Apple Mac is now 10.7 Lion compatible!

Yes, our 802.11n Wi-Fi USB adapter for Apple Mac is now 10.7 Lion compatible! Effective immediately, all units shipping will have Lion install software on the enclosed CD-ROM. Customers who do not have a CD drive or who already own this adapter can download the Lion software in DMG format here.

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November 11, 2011

Rokland n3 Mac OS 10.7 Lion RC1 software now available

We now have our RC1 (Release Candidate 1) Mac OS Lion driver package available for the Rokland n3. You can click here to download it. The RC1 package is not currently on the CD that ships with the n3, so if you are a potential customer planning to buy the n3 for use with Lion, you will need to download the RC1 package.

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November 02, 2011

Let us know your favorite holiday promotion!

Black Friday is just three weeks away and Rokland is getting ready for some awesome holiday sales. What kind do you prefer? Let us know by voting in the poll below.

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October 28, 2011

Now available- Alfa AIP-W411 low-cost 802.11n wireless router/access point

Rokland now carries AIP-W411 from Alfa Network, a 150 Mbps Wireless 802.11n router designed specifically for small business, office and home networking. With a built-in 4-port Ethernet switch, and an RP-SMA antenna connector, AIP-W411 gives you everything you need at a fraction of the price of today's retail-shelf routers with similar features. You can connect the included 5 dBi gain antenna to the router, or use a higher gain antenna you already own or may plan to buy. Many of today's 802.11n routers do not have an external antenna port which means you cannot upgrade the antenna if you range requirements demand.

AIP-W411 also features an on/off switch. For most routers, in order to power-cycle (soft reset) or turn the router off you have to directly unplug it, wait 30 seconds, and plug it back into the wall. Having the on/off switch is more convenient and allows you to quickly turn off the router so you can conserve power if you will be out of town of don't plan on using the router for an extended period of time.

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October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs, 1955 - 2011

Steve inspired so many of us here at Rokland. Our prayers go out to his family.

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September 29, 2011

Now available- Alfa AWUS036NHA high speed Wi-Fi receiver w/ Atheros Align® technology

Now in stock at Rokland- the Alfa AWUS036NHA, a high speed Wi-Fi USB adapter featuring the Atheros AR9271 chipset with Atheros Align® technology. AWUS036NHA offers better true throughput to your ISP compared to other Wi-Fi USB adapters. It is perfect for video streaming, large downloads, and online gaming.

More from the manufacturer:

"Atheros Align® technology leverages the 802.11n 1–stream specification to provide the optimal upgrade path from legacy 802.11 solutions. The single-stream feature enables a new class of Wi-Fi devices that deliver performance enhancements over the existing 802.11g technology, at comparable price points. Align® solutions are forward compatible to higher-performance, multi-stream, MIMO–based 802.11n, and are available in reference designs to serve the networking, PC and consumer electronics markets. The enhanced throughput of Align 1–stream solutions improves network efficiency by occupying the wireless channel for shorter periods than slower 11g devices – reducing congestion and increasing capacity for additional wireless devices."

Alfa AWUS036NHA is now in stock and available for immediate shipment. It comes with a 5 dBi gain external antenna, USB cable, and driver CD. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

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September 16, 2011

New- Alfa 5m USB active repeater extension cable

New from Alfa Network- a 5m (16 feet) "active repeater" USB extension cable. This is a special type of cable that buffers power over the distance of the cable. Standard USB extension cables- the kind you may find online or in office supply stores for a few bucks- are "passive" cables that do not buffer the power signal and therefore lose power over the length of the cable. This means they cannot offer enough power for high consumption devices, such as Alfa's line of long range Wi-Fi USB networking adapters including AWUS036H, AWUS036NH, and AWUS036NHR. This also has special shielding to insulate against power loss- you will notice out of the package it is quite a bit thicker than standard USB cables.

This allows you to put your long range Wi-Fi USB adapter further away from your computer to help improve the range.

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September 16, 2011

Wireless Network Efficiency Tip #1

Have you noticed your home Wi-Fi network has slowed down? Do you sometimes get dropped connections or are unable to connect to your network altogether? When this happens, it is normal to think there is a problem with your wireless network adapter or on-board laptop Wi-Fi card. You might even decide to buy a brand new one, thinking your old Wi-Fi card is broken.

In fact, many Wi-Fi connectivity problems can be solved just by restarting your Wi-Fi router and cable or DSL broadband modems. Wi-Fi routers are a lot like computers- they have on-board software (similar to how your computer has a hard drive with an operating system). Just like computers, over time with a number of different connections and operations running, they can slow down and even freeze up. The easiest way to reset a wireless router is to unplug it, wait about 20 seconds, and plug it back in. This does not erase any of your settings such as your network password. We also advise doing the same thing with your broadband modem. Wireless routers can also break down over time. So if you are having connectivity issues with your Wi-Fi router, try resetting it first. If the problems continue, before deciding if it is necessary to buy a new Wi-Fi card or adapter, have a friend or family member come over with their laptop and try to connect to your network. If they also have problems, your Wi-Fi card could be just fine and it may be time to replace the router.

If you find the computer that is hard-wired (connected via Ethernet cable) to your router works without issue but multiple computers in your home have trouble connecting to it wirelessly, that could also indicate a need to reset the router, or a problem with the router.The Ethernet component of wireless routers is a different part of the router from the Wi-Fi AP (access point) built into the router. Sometimes a wired connection may work just fine but a wireless connection will not. This is where doing a reset can help- it restarts the internal AP in the router, the same way rebooting your PC from time to time unloads your computer's internal memory and makes your computer run smoother.

As always, we recommend contacting a Rokland associate for further guidance to troubleshoot any Wi-Fi networking issues you may be experiencing.

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