Antenna Mount Outdoor Antenna Pole Mast- Heavy Duty 12 Inch Universal with U-Bracket Assembly + 6 screws


This antenna pole mount allows you to easily affix any of our pole-mountable antennas to the side of a house, fence, or other flat surface. 

This mount comes with a flat bracket and 6 screws for wood or sheet metal. Attach the included 12 inch pole to the bracket using the included U-bolt. Now you will have a 12 inch pole on which you can attach any of our pole-mountable antennas, including our Rokland 915 Mhz Outdoor Mining antenna, or our ALFA AOA-2409N 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi antenna. 

This pole mast comes with everything you need to install it, including Six #10 x 1" Phillips Pan Head Sheet Metal Screws to affix this mast to the side of a surface. Note competing products often do not include screws. 


Heavy duty 3mm aluminum casing with hollow core
Diameter: 1.5 inches
Height: 12 inches

Installation Steps:

1 - Attach wall bracket to a flat surface, wall, or roof with included screws in the 6 provided holes of the bracket.
2 - Place pipe bracket onto the U-Bolt with the U-shapes from both parts facing each other to create a circle.
3 - With the pipe bracket and U-Bolt assembly in hand, place the wall mounting racket next to the pipe bracket.
4 - Put the split washers over the end of U-Bolt threads.
5 -Place the nuts over the U-Bolt threads and tighten.
6 - Place the pipe in between the wall bracket and the U-Bolt and set at desired height and tighten nuts to secure the pipe in place.

Once pole is installed, you can now mount your antenna with mounting equipment that was included with your antenna for pole mounting. If your antenna does not have any pole mounting bracket, then it will not be able to be mounted to this pole mast. 

Compatible with:

Bobcat 300
Nebra Indoor/Outdoor
SenseCAP M1
Helium Hotspot

Warranty & Support:

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Customer Reviews

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Rodrigo Revilla

Antenna Mount Outdoor Antenna Pole Mast- Heavy Duty 12 Inch Universal with U-Bracket Assembly + 6 screws

Mark Van Doren
Great company, fast shipping, excellent support.

Great company and their support is a must-have if you are new setting up a Helium miner or WiFi.

Dick Fehr
Awesome for eave or fascia mounting your antennas

Quality product here. Heavy duty. Supports the Rokland outdoor antennas nicely! Will buy again ;-)