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ALFA AWUS036AXML 802.11ax WiFi 6/6e 3000 mbps Tri Band WiFi USB Adapter


AWUS036AXML is a new WiFi 6E (802.11ax) tri-band 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz / 6 GHz WiFi USB adapter. It supports speeds up to 3000Mbps when used with a compatible WiFi 6E router (there are various stream models of WiFi 6E routers, 800-1200 mbps will be a more common speed with most routers).

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Designed for Microsoft Windows 11, it is also compatible with Microsoft Windows 10. It's MediaTek MT7921AUN chipset also makes it a compatible Linux solution for many distros including Kali and Ubuntu. Rokland is a value added ALFA Network partner that works to ensure Linux support for this chip is available. 

It comes with a 2-in-1 USB-C / USB-A cable, so even your laptop/PC does not have USB-C, you can use standard USB-A. The dual RP-SMA antenna connectors allow for changing the higher gain or directional antenna to increase the connection distance. 

Package Contents:

  • AWUS036AXML Wireless Adapter
  • 2x 5dBi Antennas
  • 3ft Type-C Super Speed Cable w/ USB-A adapter
  • Screen Clip & Suction Cup Mount
  • Quick-Start Guide

Compatible optional antenna upgrades:


ALFA APA-M25-6E Tri-Band Directional 10 dBi Indoor RP-SMA Panel Antenna

ALFA ARS-WiFi6E-M2 2.4 GHz + 5 GHz + 6E Tri-Band Omnidirectional Indoor Antenna

We buy direct from ALFA and are an authorized retailer of ALFA products. Check directly with ALFA to verify you are getting a 100% genuine ALFA adapter.

USB 3.0 port required for max speed, though is compatible with USB 2.0 ports also at a max speed of 480 mbps. 

Additional Features: Product Comparison:
- Enterprise-class 64/128 WEP encryption (Windows only)
WPA, WPA-PSK, WPA2, WPA3 support for Windows and Linux
- 3000 mbps max High-Speed Transfer Rate for 802.11ax
- USB 3.0 compliant (backward compatible with USB 2)
- ONE YEAR manufacturer's warranty

Additional Resources:
AWUS036AXML - Support Page & Driver Downloads - Click Here

Warranty & Support:

Complimentary Telephone and Email/Live Chat Support (Click Here)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ahmed Ali
One of the best alfa usb adapters work with kali

This beast
Work perfect
In Linux Kali no driver needed
It support monitor
Master mode
Work with evil twin
In Egypt I did my tutorial in Arabic language
With evil twin
My setup
Is window 11. Did not install the driver
And a virtual box with Linux Kali 2023 and I installed airgeddon
To check the evil twin computability
And it's really beautiful card
And one of the most advanced usb wireless adapter in Alfa
Please check my tutorial

Michael Foster

First, hats off to Rokland. Thank you for perfect service! Per usual Alfa is amazing, my AWUS036AXML was literal plug and play in both Linux Distros ( Kali, Parrot) and Win.11 virtual machines I run. Im still exploring its capabilities vs. its predecessor the AWUS036ACH (which I still love) so all is good with my purchase and product performance. Ive not had and Windows driver issue or slow speeds as some report.

Justin Turnage
Not what I expected

On windows 10 this AWUS036AWXML performs far worse than my internal wifi card. On my internal card I get 298 mbps internet speeds consistently. With the ALFA I'm lucky if I get 29 to 30 mbps in the same location.

Hi Justin, 29 to 30 sounds like the AWUS036AXML is either being put on your 2.4 Ghz band for some reason, or your router is keeping you on 6 GHz even if the signal is weak. 6 Ghz will be fast for shorter range, but from further away being on 5 Ghz will be better. Our support team has reached out to you moments ago to help troubleshoot.

Andrew Coleman
Win 11 drivers don’t work

I followed the Win11 directions (including rebooting after install), and Device Manager says there’s errors with the drivers. However, the adapter works just fine in Kali Linux, and with my WLAN Pi. Weird…

Thank you for your comment. The driver has been well tested in Windows 11 but could be conflicting with other WiFi drivers on your PC. Our support tech will reach out to you directly to assist shortly (Update 3/13: our tech indicated he worked with you directly to get the product working on Windows 11 and it is now working. If we can help any further, let us know).

Customer Reviews

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