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AWUS036AXML wireless adapter

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***Windows 10 is not compatible with 6e, but the AXML will still work with 2.4 & 5Ghz***

***You will need to install both drivers ***
ALFA AWUS036AXML Windows 10/11 Driver - Click Here to Download

ALFA AWUS036AXML Windows 10/11 Bluetooth Driver - Click Here to Download

  • Ensure to restart your computer/device after installing the drivers
  • Use Device Manger to help Troubleshoot driver issues
    • Press Win + X or right-click on the Windows icon to open the Quick Access Menu. Select Device Manager from the menu items. Click the drop down arrow next to Network adapters. Look for "MediaTek Wi-Fi 6/6E Wireless USB LAN Card".
    • Code 10 error.
      • Attempt uninstall the driver by right clicking "MediaTek Wi-Fi 6/6E Wireless USB LAN Card" and selecting Uninstall device.
      • Re-install driver & restart computer/device.
    • Conflicting Drivers
      • If you have previously used a wireless USB adapter with a similar MediaTek driver and are having issues getting the AXML to start up, attempt to uninstall the previous wireless USB adapters driver as it may be causing a conflict.

Linux Firmware:

Ensure Linux is first up to date by updating and upgrading your system by entering the following commands into terminal:
sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
The AXML uses the MediaTek MT7921AUN chipset, which is now supported in-kernal for Linux.
Guide for Installing Firmware for Mediatek-based USB WiFi adapters - Click Here

Data Sheets & User Guides:
Quickstart Guide

Data sheet

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