ALFA Network WiFi Camp Pro 3 - Dual Band Wi-Fi (2.4 or 5 GHz) repeater kit - R36AH + Tube-UAC2 + Antenna for RV, Boat, Camper

The ALFA WiFi Camp Pro 3 has finally arrived! This all-in-one kit picks up and repeats a weak Wi-Fi signal as your own personal hotspot. The ALFA WiFi Camp Pro 3 is the perfect Dual-Band solution for boats, RVs, campers, or larger properties looking to increase the range of an existing WiFi source. 

The ALFA WiFi Camp Pro 3 kit includes the R36AHv2 USB Wi-Fi router to give you a hotspot for all your WiFi-enabled devices. The kit also includes the Tube UAC-2 paired with the AOA-2458-79AM Antenna, a high gain omnidirectional antenna to help you connect to hard-to-reach WiFi signals in all directions. 

Hardware Setup:

Dual-Band Technology:

The ALFA WiFi Camp Pro 3 is built much like the ALFA WiFi Camp Pro 2 on the outside, but now with Dual Band WiFi technology. Dual-Band functionality allows you to receive WiFi signals from both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks. 5 GHz however, is much faster and is being offered at more and more locations. 

ALFA R36AHv2 USB Router

A special 802.11n router with a USB port allowing you to share the long-range Wi-Fi connection of the ALFA Tube-UAC2 outdoor USB wireless adapter. Now you can extend a weak Wi-Fi signal to all of your devices such as smartphones, printers, and tablets with both 2.4 and 5 GHz networks. 

ALFA 9 dBi AOA-2458-79AM 2.4/5 GHz Dual-Band Outdoor N-Male WiFi Omni Antenna

ALFA AOA-2458-79AM is a new high-quality, dual-band 9 dBi gain Omni-directional 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi antenna with an N-male connector. It has weatherproof casing and is a great antenna for boat or RV use. 

ALFA WiFi Camp Pro 3 Range:
There is no specific range because range can vary greatly based on environmental factors like obstacles and interference. We recommend using The ALFA WiFi Camp Pro 3 in an area where other devices can at least get a weak signal to the desired network, such as one bar. A rough estimate is 500-1000 feet. If you are in a very open area, the range may go further. 

The ALFA WiFi Camp Pro 3 kit includes:
-ALFA R36AHv2 USB WiFi Router 
-ALFA Tube-UAC2 Adapter
-ALFA AOA-2458-79AM Antenna
-24 ft USB cable to go between R36AHv2 and ALFA Tube-UAC2
-Wall AC power supply
-R36AHv2 car/vehicle power supply
-RJ45 Ethernet patch cord
-Waterproof tape and wire ties for mounting Tube to pole

How the ALFA WiFi Camp Pro 3 kit works:
Use all of the above components to boost and share a Wi-Fi signal. Simply connect your computer to the R36AHv2 via ethernet cable or Wi-Fi connection for an one-time configuration and setup. Use the built-in WiFi scanning software of the R36AHv2 during the setup wizard to scan for and connect to available wireless networks in your area. Once the R36AHv2 connects to a network, you will be prompted to name and password protect your own new local Wi-Fi network, offering any device within a few hundred feet the ability to use the same distant Wi-Fi signal.

Specifications :

Part/Model #:  WiFi Camp Pro 3
Country of OriginTaiwan
Manufacturer : 
Alfa Network Inc.

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Warranty & Support:
Complimentary Telephone and Email/Live Chat Support (Click Here)

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TAA Compliance: 

Return Policy: This item can be returned for refund within 30 days of receipt. Because range can vary greatly based on your environment, if you are not sure a particular product will meet your range needs please contact us before buying. Orders with free shipping selected will incur a 10% restocking fee to help us cover the original shipping cost unless the item is defective or different from the advertisement. Any expedited shipping charges paid, including return shipping, are non-refundable. Items must be returned the way they were received, in new or like-new condition, with all pieces, documentation, and retail packaging (if applicable) included. For bulk purchases, see our bulk purchase return policy here.

Customer Reviews

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Jacques Methot
Best of all

Very pro

Richard Sams

Does not seem to cover a large area as before. Otherwise seems to be working well.

Lynn Hupp
Great Product!

I love the Camp Pro 3! I am a full-time RVer/Workamper and have struggled with campground wifi, as it is usually not strong enough to get a good signal. The Camp Pro 3 boosts the existing campground signal and gives me a secure, private connection. Easy to set up and reconfigure as I move around. Customer service is great!


After more than 4 years with our CampPro2 that kept us connected everywhere, even in poor signal parks, we returned to Rockland in person to pick up a CampPro3. We are full time RVers that move around seasonally and not every park has wifi that broadcasts out past the clubhouse. With the full timers Gold Rush most wifi signals being bogged down with people streaming, scrolling, or trying to 'work from home' on park internet. The upgrade from the 4.2ghz CampPro2 to the dual band CapmPro3 was a must. Now we have great access to the best possible signal from even poor wifi. This is not a go to fix if you just don't have wifi, but it certainly takes the pain away from even the home made RV park wifi. The guys at Rockland are great and explained everything new about the move to the 3 as well as were there when I couldn't always get peak performance out of the old 2. If you know for certain the 5 ghz is available, this is a great upgrade!! Believe me we looked at a lot of options for our lifestyle and this was hands down a better option than even the King wifi repeater! Love how much easier the set up and log on page are to navigate as well!

Katie Santala

ALFA Network WiFi Camp Pro 3 - Dual Band Wi-Fi (2.4 or 5 GHz) repeater kit - R36AH + Tube-UAC2 + Antenna for RV, Boat, Camper

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