ALFA 4G-Camp Pro 2+ Firmware & Support Page

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Setup Guide & Firmware:

Firmware update 1.3 (Oct 2020)

Alfa 4G Camp Pro 2+ Spec Sheet (kit contains Tube-U4G v2)

Alfa 4G Camp Pro 2+ Install Guide
ALFA WiFi Camp Pro 2 vs. ALFA 4G Camp Pro 2: Which Should You Get?

Getting Service:

ALFA 4G Camp Pro 2+ requires service and a SIM card from a compatible carrier. This means you will have a monthly fee with your carrier of choice for data usage. Carrier compatibility is as follows:

Verizon: supports prepaid and postpaid plans
T-Mobile supports prepaid and postpaid plans
AT&T supports ONLY postpaid not prepaid plans
Mint Mobile 

For the other carriers you can call to activate the SIM before putting it into the ALFA 4G Camp Pro+. It may take up to 48 hours after activation for the SIM to be usable in our kit. If you need assistance purchasing compatible service, please contact us. The customer service agents at the carriers are only familiar with their own branded device and will not be able to assist you in getting compatible service for our device. 

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