Alfa Tube-UNA Atheros USB client upgrade for Camp Pro 2 Kit (unit only, OEM)


This is for the Tube-UNA only as shown in the picture. It does not include USB cable or antenna. It is brand new. The reason we carry this OEM version with no antenna or cable is to provide a low cost option to existing Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2 owners who already have a cable and antenna, and just want to upgrade the Tube. A full retail box version with cable, and an updated Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2 including this Tube-UNA model will be available in December 2019. We do sell the USB cable and antenna separately in our eBay store.

What is the Tube-UNA?

The Tube-UNA is similar to the Alfa Tube-U(N) model that ships inside the Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2 kit, but it contains the popular Atheros AR9271 chipset instead which contains Atheros Align™ technology designed to increase packet transfer (in layman's terms increase throughput speed).

Like the Tube-U(N), it is 2.4 Ghz only and does not work with 5 Ghz networks. A dual band option with 5 GHz support is on the way later in 2020. In the meantime this is a low-cost way to get a speed boost and performance increase out of your Alfa Camp Pro 2 kit. As all parks in North America that offer WiFi offer 2.4 GHz WiFi, you will not be without connectivity.

*You do need to update your Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2 to firmware version 1.22 to add support for this device. Click here for firmware image download. Click here for firmware upgrade instructions.

Alfa Camp Pro 2 owners: to upgrade to this Tube-UNA, first upgrade the firmware on your router as outlined above. Then power off your Camp Pro 2, remove the USB cable and antenna from your current Alfa Tube, and use the Alfa Tube-UNA instead. Then power your Camp Pro 2 equipment back on, and go through software setup as normal to pick out the network you want to extend. 

This product does not come with an antenna, and does require one to operate. You will need to purchase or already own a compatible antenna to use this. It does not have any type of internal antenna, and indoor use is not recommended.

For indoor 802.11n Wi-Fi with Atheros chip, we recommend Alfa model AWUS036NHA.

This product is an 802.11n standard Wi-Fi adapter with top speeds of 150 mbps.

IEEE 802.11b/g/n
USB 2.0
Data Rates:
IEEE 802.11g 54Mbps
IEEE 802.11b 11Mbps
IEEE 802.11n 150Mbps
US, Canada 2.412GHz~2.462 GHz (CH1~CH11)
EU 2.412GHz~2.472GHz (CH1~CH13)
Japan 2.412GHz~2.484GHz (CH1~CH14)
64/128-bit WEP Encryption, WPA, WPA2, TKIP, AES, Cisco CCX, WAPI-PSK, and WAPI-CERT
Operating Voltage:
DC 5V ±5%
Operating: 0°C ~ +50°C
Storage : -10°C ~ +65°C