Alfa AOA-2409N antenna + mount bracket & extension cable for Alfa Wi-Fi Camp Pro 2 & Tube-U/Tube-2H


This package kit includes Alfa AOA-2409N and a 5m (16 foot) N-male to N-female extension cable for one low price. This allows you to put the antenna up to 16 feet away from the Tube-U receiver that comes in the Alfa Camp Pro 2 kit (can also be used as an antenna with the Tube-U and Tube-2H standalone receivers from Alfa, as well as the original Camp Pro kit).

1x 9 dBi gain outdoor omni directional antenna
1x metal bracket mount for use with the antenna
1x CFD-200 shielded 5m (16 foot) N-male/female coaxial extension

If you own an Alfa Camp Pro 2 kit, you may wish to put the antenna that comes with it further away from the Tube receiver, but the problem with just buying a coaxial extension cable is there is no way to mount the Camp Pro antenna by itself since it was designed to connect directly to the Tube. With this special kit, you get Alfa AOA-2409N, which consists of a new 9 dBi omni antenna with a longer N-female connector that can fit through the metal heavy duty mounting bracket also included. All this is packaged with a 16 foot coaxial extension designed to go between the Tube and the antenna.

Can I use my current 9 dBi antenna that came with the Alfa Camp Pro kit instead?

No, that antenna has a very short connector designed to be directly connected to the Tube receiver in the Camp Pro 2 kit. In order to use the special heavy duty marine and RV mounting bracket in this package, you must use the new 9 dBi antenna also included in this package. It is the same gain and looks the same but was designed with longer threading so that it can go through the bracket.

More about the mounting bracket: this features an O-ring mounting bracket that is adjustable to fit various size poles or PVC pipes. Unlike cheap zip tie brackets, this mount can withstand heavy winds and is easily removable when you need to set it up in a different place. This also includes waterproof tape which we recommend to use around the connector area to seal it from moisture.

More about this item:

  • Lightweight fiberglass construction makes installation easy
  • Integrated N-Female connector provides fast and easy cable connection
  • Designed for the 2.4GHz ISM band, supporting 2.4 to 2.483 GHz and provides superb performance in IEEE 802.11b/g WiFi and Bluetooth applications
  • Superior Performance and Weatherproof
  • Heavy duty outdoor/marine mount bracket

Return Policy: If you have received an item that is not as described, not working, or you are not satisfied with it for any reason, you may return it for an exchange or refund at your discretion within 30 days of receipt. Because range can very greatly based on your environment, if you are not sure a particular product will meet your range needs please contact us before buying. Because this antenna is very large and heavy, and shipping is included in the sale price, a postage charge of $8.00 will be charged on returns of this antenna (unless the antenna is defective). If you are not sure if this is the equipment you need, be sure to contact our sales team before purchasing.