Official RAK Wireless Heavy Duty N-female 3.5" diameter antenna magnet base + 2m CFD-200 cable


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This is the official RAK Wireless magnet antenna base with an N-female connector. It features 6.5 feet of high-grade CFD-200 RP-SMA male to female extension cable built into the base. This means you can extend your N-male antenna with very limited loss.

Use with Rokland 4 dBi Fiberglass Outdoor Antenna
Use with Rokland 
5.8 dBi N-Male Omni Outdoor Helium 915 MHz Antenna
Use with Rokland 8.5 dBi N-Male Omni Outdoor Helium 915 MHz Antenna
Use with Rokland 10 dBi Backcountry Rural N-Male Omni Outdoor 915 MHz Antenna
Use with ALFA AOA-915-5ACM 5 dBi Omni Indoor/Outdoor 915 MHz Antenna

This is a great option for short-range indoor extension of a compatible antenna for your RAK V2, Bobcat 300, Nebra Indoor/Outdoor, SenseCAP M1,, Helium Hotspot, Kerlink & LongAP miner. This is not compatible with the factory antenna for these miners, for a compatible base, see here. The base is magnetic so do not put the base right near a computer hard drive. 

Cheap entry-level magnet docking bases for antennas typically have cables without shielding, giving you as much as 1.4 dB of gain-loss over the same length cable. Our thick shielded CFD-200 cable limits gain loss to just 0.6 dB for 915 MHz (1.0 dB for 2.4 GHz WiFi), helping you preserve your antenna gain.

We do recommend RokTape to seal all outdoor connection points. 

Specifications :

Part/Model #: 3.5" Heavy Duty Magnet Base With Cable
Country of OriginChina
Manufacturer : 
RAK wireless

Frequency: 0~6GHz
Diameter: 3.5 inches
Maximum Input Power: ≥ 2 watts
Impedance: 50 ohms
Cable Type: LMR-200
Connector A: N-Type Female Connector
Connector B: RP-SMA Male Connector
Operation Temperature: -40°C ~ +65°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C ~ +80°C
Cable Length: 2 meters (~6.5 feet)

Heavy Duty/Heavy Weight
Larger antennas will cause weaker magnet bases to fall over. Our heavy-duty magnet gives the total base a weight of 15 ounces, compared to just 3 ounces for an entry-level base.

Compatibility: This base has an N-female connector on the top and an RP-SMA male connector at the end of the 6.5-foot cable. RP-SMA is reverse polarity SMA, so the female port has a pin and the male has a hole, as the gender with RP goes by threading. This base is compatible with many popular N-male antennas, including all of the N-male antennas we carry: 

Rokland 4 dBi Fiberglass Outdoor Antenna
Rokland 5.8 dBi Outdoor Antenna
Rokland 10 dBi Backcountry Rural Antenna

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Mark M
Major upgrade

I live in a wooded area with only a few hotspots around me. I went from $0.10 a day to $1-$2 a day. I'm easily reaching 7KM with an indoor attic setup. If I went with a rooftop setup it would be even better.

Scott Emerick
Rak Base

So far this is working perfectly! I'll use this until it cools off and I can install outside and high!


I have not put it into action yet.. But it arrived in a timely manner and it built well, it is not cheap, heavy and sturdy

Omar Del Valle
RAK Wireless magnet base

Very solid base, well built!

Phuc Trieu

Official RAK Wireless Heavy Duty N-female 3.5" diameter antenna magnet base + 2m CFD-200 cable